Verizon International Inconsistencies

Verizon International Inconsistencies

Recently, I added an International Plan to my Verizon cellphone account that I share with my younger son, the artist, writer, and filmmaker Jon M Casey, due to the fact that he is currently traveling in Southeast Asia on a new project. We set up the plan on-line, which was a little hard to do, but we figured it out. We CAREFULLY clicked into all the drop-down menus and read EVERYTHING in terms of pricing and conditions. We chose the One (1) Month International Travel 100 Talk, Text, Data plan for $40 (the highest level).In the column that says ‘Supported Countries,’ we clicked into the  ‘140+ Countries, View List’ link; this took us to a .PDF file that listed all the countries covered, as well as ‘Travel Pass’ (another extra, daily plan) fees. For the Philippines (where my son is initially traveling), it says ‘N/A’ for Travel Pass — in other words, Not Applicable; in other words, not any extra fee, not $10. So, we were not happy when, in a recent phone call to their customer care to check on if the International plan was indeed in place and working in ‘turn Cellular data off’ mode, Verizon said that the ‘Travel Plan’ had kicked in and that my son would be charged an extra $10 per day on top of the $40 plan. pay-as-you-go-global-list-vzWhen I pointed out that their own documents said there would be N/A for Travel Plan in the Philippines, they were like, ‘We don’t know what you are talking about.’ When I asked for an email to send the .pdf and screen shots to, they were like, ‘We don’t have email.’ When I said that that was probably an untruth or at least ridiculous — Verizon’s core competencies are in Communications and Technology! — they were like, ‘We don’t have any customer service or support email.’

Verizon, please don’t be so inconsistent, and ignorant of your own plan terms. It is unacceptable that you publish one rate (N/A, free), but you charge another ($10). Update: Adam at Verizon has given me his company email and I have sent him this information. Hope he/they/Verizon can fix it!

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