City of Detroit, Houses for Bid Sale List

See the list at City of Detroit website:

copy/paste individual property addresses w/ zip code into Google maps to see a 360 view; neighborhood/street view is important! Look for other vacant houses or signs of dereliction, vandalism, vagrancy, litter/pollution, tagging/graffiti, etc. Vacant lots are okay.

Although the east side (seat of Woodward) was formerly very grand and green, it’s now a scary mess. Take for example the faux-Catholic Church (fka St. Anthony) on corner of Gratiot  and Sheridan

These dudes pretend to be ‘ecumenical catholic new Franciscans’ (what?), but are really vampires (maybe).

Anyway, stay on the west side — west and/or northwest of Woodward. That’s my plan, close to Dearborn or Southfield. Although I like the Del Ray Mexican-town area as well (south of center-Detroit).

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