The State run by Women

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, CMO

Attorney General Dana Nessel

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

This all started in Sept. 2019, when Gov. Whitmer unilaterally banned e-cigarettes and vaping. This executive order was over turned. This was covered by the Michigan Daily, the ‘student newspaper’ of the University of Michigan.

Her predecessor Gov. Jennifer Granholm attempted to raise the age of consent and the age of drop-out from public education both to 18 years old.

Women trying to change things for the better.

These are all great ideas and improvements to our state. Much of the rebellion against Gov. Whitmer and her amazing and competent staff is because she is a woman. The sexist (and perhaps racist and LGBTQ pushback) is because of Detroit.  The redlining, racist, hella-racist, bombed out, unfair, crazy-competitive, irrelevant now Detroit. No one cares Detroit. Michigan the State is its own fulsome force and no one cares that you do or do not live in Bloomfield Hills or Grosse Pointe. There are plenty of other beautiful, real, honorable, acceptable, functioning, important destinations and places to live in Michigan. We don’t need you to drag us down again. Gov. Whitmer and her staff of strong women will prevail.

However, today (5/26), in listening to the Governor’s update, she was kinda not the smartest person ever; for example, she referenced an image from CNN (a map of COVID rates) and said that the source was ‘John Hopkins’; she also repeated herself into redundancy in regard to her husband going up North to ‘rake leaves’ in ‘Antrim County.’ She also just sounded (like she normally does) not intellectual, not fully leveraged, not the best messenger. Her nasally voice and tone and Midwestern accent don’t help either.

BUT, she is still a good and thoughtful leader. And her women-team is still to be trusted. Before my dad died in October 2018, he stated that he would have voted for her but he absentee voted ‘all Republican because it was easier’; my dad was 93 when he died. He was a WWII vet, a medical doctor, a graduate of University of Michigan. He would have been pleased at and approved of Gov. Whitmer, Dr. Khaldun, AG Nessel, and SOS Benson work thus far. The state run by women.

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