Disrupt the Census

Disrupt the Census

Why the Census is still wrong, with a major nod to Richard Rodriguez,

Author of Brown: The Last Discovery of America (2002).

The U.S. Census is about to knock on your door. While it is unlawful for you NOT to answer, and unlawful for you NOT to participate in the filling out the Census form, you still have the opportunity to subvert the data. Here are the seven (7) main things that are incorrect, incomplete, and incomprehensible about the 2020 Census:

  • There is only one ‘Ethnic’ category, and it’s an either/or: You are either Hispanic, or you are not;
  • There are only two sexes (the binary choice of male/female); there is no gender category; there is no subcategory or question for sexual orientation or sexual aspiration or practice; there is no box for LGBTQ;
  • There is no question about religious preference; for example, you can’t tell the census that you identify as Jewish, or are a practicing Muslim;
  • There is no question for those from adopted or foster care origins;
  • There is no ‘Asian’ category as clearly labeled and comparable to ‘White’ or ‘Black’; instead there are several country or nationalist groupings that might be construed to be ‘Asian’ such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, but these are not labeled under a larger category of Asian. And there are also at least two semi-obscure listings: Samoan and Chamorro, which appear to be stand-alone choices under the non-labeled Asian category;
  • The ‘White’ category includes a wide group of people from European, Middle Eastern, and North African origins – this is just inaccurate and incorrect as a cohesive social, genetic, language, cultural, religious, skin color identity, or racial or ethnic group;
  • The Census still tells us that the categories are a “socio-political construct” that have no basis in “anthropological and scientific” data or research. It’s been telling us that since SD 15 OMB (1977), and has doubled down on the non-scientific nature of the Census categories every year since, including 2010 and now 2020.   READ MORE HEREDisrupt the Census

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