Miracle on 5th Street

Miracle on 5th Street!

Today a miracle occurred on 5th Street in Tempe: the City of Tempe installed a brand new heavy duty permanent trash can at the corner of 5th across from the Multi-Gen Center on the north side of 5th at the bench where folks wait for the Orbit Venus ‘back’ bus.  After over a month of lobbying them for this trash can by sending them pictures of all the trash I pick up EVERY DAY while walking/riding bike into work each morning, they acted upon my request for said trash can, and this morning, there it was! It is the most beautiful trash can in all of Arizona, and I am very grateful to the City of Tempe and tempe311.gov for being so responsive, sensible, and properly re-actionary to the suggestions of a mere resident. Thank you Tempe!  Here is an example of the amounts of daily trash on this street that can be found on an average morning. (I usually collected it at that same site to provide a quantitative consistency for Tempe to see that it was not just a one-time complaint). Thank you again Tempe!

IMG_7380[1]  IMG_7382[1]


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