Wildlife this summer in Michigan

As summer comes to a close, I wanted to reflect on the plethora of wildlife in Michigan this summer, including the unfortunate abundance of so-called ‘road kill’ — animals slaughtered by drivers driving too fast, and/or sometimes intentionally colliding with animals. To that end, CalTrans proposed a Wildlife Bridge or Crossing over the 101 Freeway north of L.A. county. 


In Michigan, the deer are so common now, that you see them in regular neighborhoods and parks. Here are a few examples: the first is a young deer in my brother and sister-in-law’s yard in Bloomfield Hills.  The next is a lone fawn in the ravine immediately adjacent to the U Michigan Hospitals helipad in Ann Arbor.  The last is a family of deer on the Hess Hathaway Park and OCC nature trails in Waterford.


Here is also nice snake found in the same trails. And the here is a (non-Asian) Carp that washed up south of Fullerton Beach in Chicago (I did contact Chicago Park District to make sure they were not Asian carp in Lake Michigan!). Finally, here are some horses that tried to run into M-59 one morning in July (on my way to work). We had to stop traffic to save them.




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