How not to plant a tree

How not to plant a tree

For a B/B (Balled and Burlapped) tree, the burlap and wire casing MUST be removed! The cation-exchange-capacity for a B/B tree goes way down if the root system is not freed, massaged, and planted semi-bare-root!

Why: Because the soil in the ball becomes compacted and the tree cannot uptake moisture or nutrients. Also, the root system of a small tree that does not have an established tap root WILL NOT grow through the burlap! The tree will struggle and eventually die! Take a look at this sad tiny Dogwood (Cornus ssp.) that was planted with the burlap, twine, AND the metal casing still intact! The tree was fading, already had mold, and did not produce many flowers.

These pictures above show the tree that I dug up (still in its burlap ball)!

These pictures show the root system now freed and exposed, after extricating it from B/B and massaging the roots and removing the heavy clay-like dirt ball. The final replanted tree with annual flowers is above at right. Hope it makes it!


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