OCC and UM denouement


Hello to my OCC and UM students,    My sincere apologies about having to end the semester a bit early. I was offered a full-time Instructor position at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, AZ, and they (we) start on Thursday Aug. 20, with faculty orientation on Aug. 17 + 18. I literally found out on Wed. Aug. 12 (after UM WRI 100 class)


that I got the job, and left on an airplane on Thurs. Aug. 13 (after OCC ENG 1055 class). I was gonna drive my car but didn’t have enough time to get across eight states in three days + be ready for school, meetings, syllabus writing, apartment finding, and adjusting to life in the desert again. I taught at ASU previously for three semesters (Fall 2012, Winter 2013, Fall 2013) while my daughter was also a Freshman/Sophomore in the Herberger College of the Arts here at ASU. She is now a senior at DePaul University in Chicago.


Here is a shot of the ‘A’ on ‘A mountain’ (aka Hayden Butte). The A gets repainted every year by the first-years. I hiked up A mtn. this morning.


It’s well over 100 degrees everyday until about November, but the light, lines, architecture, plants, and aesthetics of the desert are quite profound, and wholly different from what we see on a day to day basis in the Midwest, in watery Michigan.

IMG_0149[1]    IMG_0170[1]         As a result, I had to move quickly and trust that the class(es) would conclude properly. To that end, for UM WRI 100 students: the CA (J_de) will conduct the final class  meeting on Monday Aug. 17. The Agenda will include: 1) evaluation of CA; 2) revise and expand UM Resources post in WordPress;  3) Discussion 6: Demographics. Your final grades will be posted to Wolverine Access by Aug. 21. You can see your total grade points in C-tools (but that is unofficial). Sorry also that I missed seeing you today Friday August 14 at the Symposium at Rackham — hope you all had a productive and interesting closing ceremonies! Please do stay in touch this fall; you can reach me at eferszt@asu.edu    Thanks for your hard work in Summer Bridge! Great job! Thanks also to the greatest CA in the history of CSP who will wrap things up for WRI 100!


For OCC ENG 1055 students, in regard to your Portfolios and next week’s classes: There will be a change of plans due to the fact that I am now in Arizona at ASU. As a result, we will have no more face to face class meetings, nor will we have a class social. HOWEVER: THERE WILL BE AN ASSIGNMENT POSTED TO D2L FOR T/TH Aug. 18 + 20: Please do the Discussion in Communications tab.  Thanks!


Your portfolios will be reviewed by the committee on Aug. 19, and will be available on Aug. 20 for you to pick up at the Faculty Secretaries office at OCC-RO second floor. You must have photo-i.d. to pick-up your portfolio. Check D2L regularly for more info on final grades. There will also be a new column (ungraded) that will say what you got on your Portfolio (HP/P/F). Your official final grade will be posted to OCC On-Line Services by Aug. 21. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Dr. Kim Davis, Academic Literacy Coordinator, at kmdavis@oaklandcc.edu

IMG_0142[1]<This is my office at ASU>    IMG_0143[1]

On a personal note, it has been my honor and pleasure to teach you all this  summer at both the University of Michigan and Oakland Community College. Students in OCC English 1055 have worked for over 15 weeks on critical reading and academic writing. Students in CSP Summer Bridge WRI 100 have worked for about 7.5 weeks on papers and other projects. I am very proud of all of you! Good job! Let’s stay in touch during the fall! Please feel free to contact me at elizabethferszt@yahoo.com or eferszt@asu.edu


Thank you for your understanding and your willingness to learn and grow. Thanks and best wishes for your fall classes –Dr. Ferszt            Go Blue! Go Raiders! Go Sun Devils!                    

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