DTW by bus, Ann Arbor by bus and bike

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It is possible to get to Metro Airport (DTW) in Detroit by bus. Here are the details. I’m not saying it’s easy, and unlike all major cities in the world, Detroit is still stupidly tied to ONLY the car, rejecting public transportation as somehow traitorous to the automobile industry, which is one ot the many reasons Detroit is still a second class city. Indeed, in Chicago, there are two major airports, Midway and O’Hare. The CTA Orange line goes to MDW, and the Blue line takes you all the way to ORD.


But if you wanna take a bus to DTE, most importantly, you gotta be ready to double your travel time. My flight left at 11:55 am, and I was on the Telegraph bus by 7:48 am    From Oakland County, ride your bike to the corner of Telegraph and Huron streets in Pontiac, wait  for the SMART bus #275 south bound; you have two options: take the 275 all the way to Southland Center and transfer to the #125 Fort Street Bus, or get off at Michigan Ave, ride your bike west to Middlebelt Road, and get on (transfer to) the #260 SMART bus that goes directly to North Terminal DTW. The Fort Street bus also goes to North Terminal, and McNamara.


Here are some pictures + a link     https://www.smartbus.org


My bike at the bus stop at DTW North Terminal — I parked + locked it and it was still there when I got back 8 days later (from the AP Reading)! You can see the old (green) terminal in the background.


Also, contrary to what folks say, there is a way to get to Ann Arbor by bus + train (Amtrak runs three times a day back and forth from Pontiac (PON) to Ann Arbor, thru Royal Oak, Detroit, Dearborn, Jackson, Kalamazoo, etc. and then to Chicago).

By SMART bus it’s Mich. Ave to Ypsilanti, connect to AATA buses on Washtenaw in Ypsi.. You need to take a bike to make up some of the gaps in mileage between SMART and AATA. I drove it yesterday; here is the route from Oakland County:

Take the Telegraph bus #275 south to Michigan Ave. transfer to the Mich Ave. bus #200.


Get off at the terminus at the Ford truck plant (just before the I-275 interchange) and ride your bike on Mich. Ave, about 8 miles into Ypsi — this is not a bad ride nor a prohibitive distance on a nice day — if you have the time. There is a bike path or sidewalk part of the way (thru Canton) and then you can ride on the generous shoulder on Mich. Ave, (very rural at this point) right into Depot Town Ypsi and pick up AATA Bus #3 into Ann Arbor.


I just don’t know if I can make it to class on time if I do this on a school day! (I teach at U-Mich in the summers).

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