An AP Reading: The Bridges of Jefferson County

An AP Reading: The Bridges of Jefferson County


Recently, I attended the AP Reading for the Exam in English Lit in Louisville, KY. This was my 6th time attending this major professional event. While we were not allowed to take any photos during the Reading, I did take many pictures of the many bridges in and around and over the Ohio River connecting Indiana to Kentucky. It’s a really beautiful place, a bit old and worn, but still worth the visit for work or travel. Louisville is dominated culturally by the University of Louisville, its campus is south of the main downtone area, but the Yum Center, where the Cardinals (men’s NCAA Division 1 basketball) play and other major events are held.

Here are some photos, and their ‘scores’ per the AP rubric:

0609150619 Pedestrian Bridge over 3rd street, Score: 4

0609150640 Hwy 31 Bridge at dawn, Score: 2

0609150653  Hwy 31 Bridge morning sun, Score: 1

0609150659 Pedestrian Bridge at Ali Center, Score: 8

0610150630Hwy 31 Bridge orange sun, Score: 6

0612150648 Hwy 65 Bridge morning sun, Score: 9


Waterfront park Ped. Bridges, Score 6  

Rail-trail Bridge, morning sun, Score: 5

0614150646a  Rail-trail Bridge, view 2, Score: 5

0614150647Rail-trail Bridge, view 3, Score: 7

The Bridges connect for me to the Summer Bridge Program at UM Comprehensive Studies Program (CSP), where I will be teaching WRI 100 for a second year. Bridges are both a feat of engineering, and a metaphor. Louisville is lucky to have so many ways across the Ohio River, both by foot and by car + train.

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