Purple Door Gang, Detroit house


The Purple Door Gang

May 29, 2015: Last week, Jon painted the garage door at 20499 Grandview a lovely shade of Periwinkle Blue — aka ‘purple’ — it looks great and now we have turned the corner from tagging it as ‘DIY: DETROIT IT YOURSELF” to a more acceptable, easy on the eyes, neighbor-friendly shade. Water is on, power is on, but still rough inside and not finished with plumbing or full electrical service. But it feels like progress has been made, and being able to envision the invisible seems a bit more realistic. But this is still an act of faith, reliant on the power of love.


The grass is beautifully green, and the garden, full of wild flowers and wild rhubarb, as well as my small vegetable patch, is lush and thriving with pumpkins and cucumbers. The weather is in the 80’s, and the clouds and sun continue to mix and bless us with rain and leaves of grass and leaves of trees. The yard stays mowed each week. But the house progress has stalled. I have water service and partial electric service. Here is what that looks like in basement:

 0726151514         0726151514a

But I need a small army of volunteers or even paid helpers to make the next big push forward with the house. The wall in the breezeway is really rotten and rotting further each time it rains. A huge gap at the header between the roof eaves and the wall has opened up, letting in the elements, as well as the racoon who wants his house back! I need to decide on getting the bathroom done next, or replacing this wall and resetting the large window now about to fall out of the wall due to the instability of the wood frame.

Maybe I can get the Semester in Detroit (SID) program at U_Michigan to use my house as ‘lab’ to effect real change on at least one piece of property in Detroit. . . ?

Or, here is another UM entity, a real estate professor who is doing a hands-on class in investing in and then renovating the houses at buildingdetroit.org and at Wayne Co Auction.

BTN LiveBIG: Michigan professor helps bring hope back to Detroit neighborhoods

 0725151415    0725151414  0529151727a

In the meantime, what is this building n Baltimore east of Woodward, right along the railroad tracks across street? It looks like the stylized mid-century modern concrete version of the wooden pagoda in the Old Redford Theater Arts area off Lahser and Grand River!

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