Motor City Make-over, Palmer Park Art Fair, DEMF/Movement, and a wedding

The Motor City Make-over is still going on during Saturdays in the month of May, but the Palmer Park Art Fair is, alas over. DEMF/Movement is going on Memorial Day Weekend. Here are some pictures and some information about each:

0502151242     0502151106 0502151243  I cleaned that little segment of my street, Grandview (Detroit, 48219, District 1, home of Council-member James Tate), between 7 Mile and Grand River, at the bus stop and behind the gas station. It was several inches thick with trash ostensibly discarded there over the years (?) by people waiting for the GR or 8 Mile or Telegraph buses. You too can still help out by going to

Update: after about three days, the trash was still there, so I had to contact the folks at James Tate’s office. They meet at the Java house on Lahser next to the Old Redford Theater on the first Wed. of the month. His assistant, Aaron was very helpful in coordinating the trash pick up.

0506151251The Palmer Park Art Fair was this past weekend, May 3 and 4, in Detroit’s historic Palmer Park — historic because there’s a two-story log cabin there built by Mr. Palmer in 1888 — it was a summer home for his family.

dbdec2950deecc2e07656256f7b022ce    0503151616







The next big event is of course Movement, held over Memorial Day weekend at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. In years past, the event fka DEMF Detroit Electronic Music Festival, was free and open to the public and the curious. Now it is a pay-per event, conflated with the toughness and coolness mystique of DEMF. General admission tickets start at $75

0502151030Carol Marvin, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, and Juan Atkins were some of the original players in the original DEMF of 2000.  Saunderson recently gave a talk at the Detroit Public Library Main Branch about his version of the so-called ‘birth of techno’ called CRASH DISCOURSE– he was 30 minutes late, but his lecture was interesting.

us-0520-715486-frontDJ Final Cutty aka Jon Casey and his friend Kim E. were in attendance. Here is a picture of them at a recent family wedding in Grosse Pointe . . .

0509151616. . . at which were also Governor Rick Snyder and actor Jeff Daniels.


06/07/2009 - Jeff Daniels - 63rd Annual Tony Awards - Arrivals - Radio City Music Hall - New York City, NY, USA - Keywords:  - 0 -  - Photo Credit: Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

Apparently, Jeff Daniels is still pissed at Rick Snyder for cutting the State’s film industry credit, and he wanted Jon Casey to go up to the Guv and say so. Daniels thought Jon was an actor from Hollywood. ‘Nah, I’m a just filmmaker, screenwriter and director. . . ‘ –said JC.





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