Local Resources: Clinton River Trail, Detroit Public Library

Local Resources: Clinton River Trail, Detroit Public Library, Voting

Update: On May 5, the State of Michigan held a special election for a sales tax increase; it was defeated. But what was not a failure was being able to vote a s resident of the City at my polling place on Berg Road.

0505151741While I am still hacking away at my house, I am trying to balance the work with some recreation and local resources. The two I most recently have had the pleasure of seeing, doing, experiencing  have been bike riding on the Clinton River Trail in Oakland County/Pontiac area,  and checking out materials from the Detroit Public Library (having a library card is THE most important piece of plastic any one’s wallet). I am reading the sequel to Abe Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, by SGS.

Here are some photos of those sites:

0425151715 0502150926

Redford Branch on Grand River at Six Mile aka McNichols.

Redford (313) 481-1820

21200 Grand River

M, W: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
T, Th, Sa: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


0426151319a One of the sign posts on the Clinton River Trail.

0320151147 My bike on the Telegraph Road over pass.

0414151002 The Clinton River branch off of Cooley Lake Rd.

0414151005 The message under the bridge, “That’s all!” with a red balloon — someone who knows the Clinton River underpass, knows and speaks French, ca va?


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