Detroit by bus

Detroit by Bus– our public transportation system, in the era of ‘the walking man’ — who claimed he walked over 20 miles each way to work each day (uphill and in the snow?)– he most likely took the Woodward bus up to Oakland County and then made his way to his job in Rochester Hills (as a bus rider and avid walker, and in his age group, I do not believe his story)


Anyway, the best way to get a sense of what is really going on in Detroit at the street, ground, and neighborhood level, is to ride the bus. In particular, the Woodward bus, which is actually two buses; Bus 750 SMART bus from Pontiac in Oakland County, and Bus 53 the D-DOT bus from the State Fair stop/transfer station — all the way down to Rosa Parks Transit Center on Michigan Ave.  Along the way, you will hear and see how people feel about what is going on in Detroit — ripping up the middle of Woodward for the M-1 light rail — people complain about this now, but if it becomes anything like the light rail in Phoenix, Arizona– they will eventually really love it.


On a very cold day in February, this is what is looked like at the State Fair stop, waiting for an idling Bus 53 to pull up and load passengers. There was a lot of grumbling, and the bus was SRO (Standing Room Only) when  it finally got underway, taking almost an hour to go about 8 miles. It costs $2.00 to ride, with a 25 cents transfer.

Click to access 53WoodwardMS.pdf

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