Jon back in LA

Jonmarion Casey                   0131151634 on the ice in camo . . .

was here in Michigan for about three weeks, to work on the final draft of his screenplay on the French painter, Claude Monet.

haystacks MonetHe intends it to be a full-length feature film called ‘Monet Ultra-violet’ — it’s a bio-pic, to be sure, but it’s also about how Monet loses his eyesight, and agrees to crazy new (for the mid-19th century) cataract surgery, which ends up not repairing his eyesight, but rather, impairing it. The painter begins to see the world as if in an ultra-violet filter– everything is shimmery and almost 3-D, color vibrates behind color, and shadows take on their own light waves.


We spent may afternoons at the West Bloomfield Library, at the OCC Highland Lakes campus library, at the Union Lake McDonald’s for free wifi, and of course on Union Lake itself, which is a flat expanse of snow covered ice — not as dramatic as Lake Michigan, but it’s our home and has that familiar set of sensory markers that make it both comforting and regular.


Above is what it looked like the morning of Feb. 17, the small golden band of light is the reflection of the morning sun at about 7 am on the windows of the houses on the other side of the lake — the Kid Rock side. This was the day Jon flew back to California; it was also Michael Jordan’s 52nd b-day, and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) this year.


This is a chunk of ice upended from a fishing hole — it gleams like glass. Otherwise, the lake is a featureless solid, with the random palimpsest to snowmobile tracks to follow or not. Each day Jon wore Claire’s snuggli to stay warm indoors and to shout out to his Bedouin friends in Egypt. It was fun, but too short a visit. But being back in Hollywood is where he should be, working on getting Monet UV produced! Shakra vedanten! Paramahansa Yoginanda!




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