Ice, water, white, cold


Ice, water, white, cold: Here are some recent images of Lake Michigan, St. Joe, Benton Harbor, and the natural environment as is changes from late fall, barely winter, to full-on January weather. Both Silver Beach and Lions Beach are deserted, only the gulls remain to hover over the paltry refuse and inedible scrim that the waves wash ashore.



Pondering the connection and contrast between the sands of the Sonoroan desert in Maricopa County, Arizona, to the sands of the Lake Michigan beach, how the patterns in nature seem to repeat but in different venues and with varied materials.



The sands move similarly, and are whipped by wind into snow-sand vortexes. The sand and the ice combine to form stalagmite-like structures, hoary and artistic.



Today January 6, the beach has been extended by at least fifty feet out into Lake Michigan itself, boldly pushing back into the savage surf, the waves and sand mixture have frozen into an icy crust of air-captured water. It looks like the first and last arctic chapters of Frankenstein.


The lake effect is no joke. It can reshape geography over night!

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