B-SEED announcement (unbelievable!!!)

BSEED says no more inspections! This is why so many people abandoned their houses! Because they could not pay for the pre-sale inspections, much less the inevitable repairs that would be required! Now you can just sell your house without the cost or hassle of asking the City permission!  YAY!!!

Pre-Sale Inspections Not Required

City of Detroit repeals requirement for pre-sale inspections.

Beginning November 17, 2014, Detroit homeowners will no longer be required to obtain a City of Detroit housing inspection (“pre-sale” inspection) before selling a one- or two-family dwelling. The Detroit City Council recently repealed the pre-sale ordinance as requested by the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED).  While the repeal is pending enactment, BSEED has suspended the requirement to obtain the inspection.

The repeal is in line with a number of other large U.S. cities that have eliminated pre-sale inspections and will allow BSEED to redeploy employees to focus on addressing blight and inspections of rental properties.

Although the City is dropping the pre-sale requirement, individuals are encouraged to arrange for a private, more comprehensive inspection to assess the property’s condition and protect their potential investments.

For more information, contact (313) 224-3251

For the full press release

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