Fox 2 News interview at 519 Harmon


Yesterday, Aug. 6, Ron Savage of Fox 2 News interviewed me and Jon, and Tenisha, at the house (now a dirt pit). The story is developing, and will include comments from the Mayor’s office.

0806141905I also heard from the City, finally. Their official legal position was expressed curtly by Kevin G. Simowski, General Counsel, Detroit Land Bank Authority. Please see next (new) posting for full text of our discursive exchange. [I have not posted his email and my response yet due to pending litigation. I did finally speak with Simowski on Aug. 14; he was cavalier and played like he was surprised that I was calling — yes, ‘I have not received my money back or a new house.’ He said my check was ‘being processed’ — that does that mean? It’s been exactly two weeks (Aug. 1- Aug. 15) since you tore down my house! At this point, I want both: $1018 + a new house from the Land Bank.]

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