Bad News: Project Dead end

Yesterday, I went to City Hall (aka the Coleman A Young Municipal Center)

0722141220 to find out about my house being on the Dangerous and Condemned List; turns out, it’s actually a step further bad: it’s on the Demo List.


I then went over to Planning and Development, who sold us the house back in April. Presently, there is a King of Cats effigy in front of it (wasn’t Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet the ‘King of Cats’?)

0722141340The good news is that when I got back to the house, the awesome, heroic, and efficient Police from Central Division at Woodward and the Blvd. had towed the ‘stolen’ car out the garage!

But, it’s over; here is the letter that I sent to Lisa Jackson, at PDD:


Ms. Lisa Jackson, Director ~Dept of Planning and Development ~City of Detroit ~2300 Cadillac Tower 20th Floor ~ Detroit MI 48226

July 23, 2014


Dear Ms. Jackson:

Please cancel the sale of the property at 519 Harmon Street Detroit MI 48302, and refund the $1000 + $18 recording fees, due to two egregious conditions found out yesterday:

  • The house is currently on the Dangerous and Condemned list, AND on the Demolition list; indeed an Emergency Order for demolition was approved on March 13, 2014; the house received inspections then received clearance for electrical, gas, water, and historical shut-down/variance. The house is currently in the queue for demolition sometime later this summer; it is unlawful to knowingly sell a house already cleared for demolition and should not have been on the First-come Sales Bid List which your department managed at the time of the sale of the house to me and my son (April 2014; close on June 20, 2014);
  • Your department (PDD) did not actually own the house at the time of sale; thus it was an invalid sale; the Detroit Land Bank Authority owned/-s the house

I spoke with representatives at B-SEED (Helen Broughton), and the Demo Office (Mr. Patel), and the Land Bank (Mr. Troung + David Brown) yesterday, who can confirm and document this situation, should you need further information.

Sincerely yours,

Elizabeth Ferszt & Jonmarion Casey

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