So much drama

0718141530Yesterday, we were visited by a hook and ladder truck because of a suspected gas leak. Major and I were digging out the four to six inches of burn debris compacted in the easement between 519 Harmon (our house) and 513 Harmon (burned house), when we smelled sulfur. But we didn’t make a call to 9-11 or DTE, just took a break and talked ourselves into re-assurance that it was methane built up naturally in the burned and compressed house trash, like carbon compost. . . . ?


Two seconds later, Detroit Fire shows up, like it read our minds. Seems that neighborhood scrappers had caused the leak from ripping out the furnace from the other-side burn-damaged house. The spirit of DIY, Detroit It Yourself, is still unlawfully resourceful in this community. DTE arrived as well, and capped it, said it was all clear. So you can pull out your smokes, now, and take a long drag of menthol-flavored DIY, and get back to work. [btw: we found the Performa above  in our garage, like Apple which started in Steve W./Steve Job’s garage]

The previous evening, while still trying to follow-up with Detroit Police about the bandito coche en mi garaje and after leaving another message at DP Central about the car now fully accessible to be towed because the hundreds of pounds of trash and overgrowth were removed (by me and Major) from the garage, I flagged down a old-style cruiser and got them to take a look.


They called for back up (maybe they thought the auto theft was in progress. . . .? Although the car has been there since the ’00’s), and two other cruisers, these the new Roger Penske-donated, muscular, black Chargers, with four more officers, these in an assortment of serious gear: flack jackets, side arms, thigh arms, tattoos, POLICE t-shirts, camo, just bad-asses all of them.


Here is a blurry picture; they weren’t too cool with me photo-ing them. One officer also offered to be in our film, if he can talk about policing conditions in the City. Yea, man,we’d love that.


They determined that our car is not stolen and said to just haul it out to the alley and call the City and say there is an abandoned car that needs towing. But then Sgt. Irvin showed up yesterday and said she had arranged for the car TO be towed by DP on Monday. I love her, she is the best!

Then, if the gas leak and the coppers weren’t enough, an inspector from B-SEED, Lawrence Jackson, showed up to tag more houses on Harmon with his office’s infamous bright orange stickers. See my other posting, ‘Dangerous and Condemned’ for full info.

Lawrence Jackson

And finally, just so you know, I am still taking the bus (the #450 Smart bus, Woodward) from Pontiac Phoenix Center terminus, all the way to the Cathedral, or sometimes a combination of the 450 to State Fair/Woodward, then transferring to the #53 Detroit bus. This takes over an hour, but it’s very chill and super cheap ($2 + .25 transfer).


0708141503 If you look out the windows of the bus in the picture above, you can see the red facade of Erebus, Pontiac. From firetruck to hellfire, that’s a good place to end this posting. Thanks for reading.









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