Gateway Neighborhood, redux

Gateway Neighborhood is also called ‘North-end’ — it is south of Highland Park and north of Boston/Edison; it is east of Woodward and west of Hamtramck. The main streets are: Woodland, Rosedale, Harmon, Trowbridge, and Belmont.

Former Mayor Dave Bing helped to build a new industrial corridor on Oakland during his tenure; those new buildings are bounded by Caniff and the Davison Fwy. Jon just sent this link to a really interesting story about the North End;  Aretha Franklin lived here:


Here are some updates:  the burned house next door at 513 Harmon is now officially on the docket for demolition; here is an email that I got from the City:

Ms. Ferszt,
This property has been scheduled for a City Council hearing on 07-28-14 to approve for demolition.
Please keep in mind that after council has ordered a structure demolished, the city and its partners in demolition must gain several clearances (water, gas etc) and identify a funding source before the property will be bid out for demolition. However, the council hearing is the first step to remediation of this dangerous property.
Helen M. Broughton
Living Cities – Detroit Corridor Initiative
Consultant & Business Advocate
Office: 313.628.2459


Major sez there’s a stolen car in my garage; I reported it to Police and they may tow it away for free. But when Sgt. Irvin and Officer____ stopped by the other day (Tues. July 8), they said the VIN was too old to be in their database, and that I need to call back when I get the garage cleaned out and accessible.


Oh and DIY should now mean ‘Detroit-it yourself’!

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