A house or a piece of property?

Well, we have cleaned out almost the entire interior of the house (Major cleaned out this bedroom below on Tuesday July 1, looks 100 % better now), except for the dreaded third floor where the most of the damage is, and also the basement, which I have not even ventured into due to the stairs down to it being wrecked.


Major said that about two years ago, a dog fell down into the basement and was unable or too scared to get out — he was trying to help it and fed it, but he thinks maybe the dog didn’t make it out (ever). Claire visited the house and helped me with the foraged wash bin sink; she cleaned it and re-assembled it.

0701141557 0701141626

Now I’m think again that maybe the house can’t be recovered, and that I should just focus on the garage as the structural ‘footprint’ of the property, and actually live in there like a studio — install plumbing and electric, and maybe new roof –, and then raze the house proper, and have a corn field or large garden all the way to the street (?). The garage seems structurally sound, and does not have the asbestos shingles or fiberglass insulation problems that the house has, and has no  fire or water damage. The property has gone back to nature, there are weed trees (Ailanthus), and wild flowers (Phlox), and plenty of mosquitoes. Today July 3, I found large scale stone floor tiles, and green plastic corrugated roofing being thrown out by neighbor out at lake — I have foraged these as well for the house/garage repair.


Any ideas, feed-back, advice, (prayers), or offer to help on site would be appreciated. I need also to wait until Jon gets here and sees the place and makes an assessment. Thanks.


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