Yesterday was a good day at the house; while the house did not produce another cupboard-Gatorade, it did attract more friends, neighbors, support, and love. Here are the updates: Burrell connected me to Major, who has agreed to help clean out the really bad bedroom, bathroom, and third floor, maybe do some light repair — Major ‘sees’ what I see about the house, and agrees it shouldn’t be torn down. Gateway Community Garden: I did a little work with these folks on Sunday morning as well; weeded a bed and planted four rows of seeds: Broccoli, Marigolds, Cucumber, Bell Pepper; met gardeners Cindy, Ava, and Emma, and we will meet again on Tues. July 8 at 6 pm at the ‘church’ for the monthly GCG meeting. Speaking of church: I did attend a very long 11 am Mass, and also met Sr. Fioritina –she is in convent-house behind Cathedral; her order is called the Sisters of Home Help of Mary.


Because this Church is also a Cathedral (the home church of the/a Bishop, in this case, Alan Vigneron), it has also attracted Vatican attention; indeed there are now relics from the late great Pope John Paul II, now St. JPII: the chair he sat in, a monstrance designed for him by the Polish community, and the shoes he wore when he said Mass!


I also did more cleaning up outside / yard work; The porch and front entry look okay, the stairs to the third floor  are accessible, and Burrell help me forage a double-sided utility sink from the basement of the burned house next door.  I don’t think this is wrong because the house is trashed and needs to be completely leveled so me and Major can plant a corn field there next spring!


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