Workers needed for 519 Harmon Street


If you want to work on the house, please be advised of the following: there is NO WATER, NO POWER, NO FACILITIES of any kind on site, so you need to expect ‘rough it’/dry camping-like conditions. You agree to enter at your own risk; this project or homeowner does not carry any liability toward any worker, volunteer, or other supporters who may be injured on site. Sorry! Adults only. Bring:

a gallon of water


protective eye wear

hard hat

work boots

wear jeans/long sleeve shirt

surgical mask

bug spray

sun screen

hand tools



Priorities and projects:


clean-out all debris, insulation, broken plaster, from entire house;

reconnect water from main (need to contact Detroit Water Co.); need pro bono plumber

reconnect power (need to call DTE); need pro bono electrician

decide to ‘top’ off third floor (?) and have just two stories;



repair fire damaged siding and frames;

install toilet, tub, sink;

install kitchen sink;




take down the two dead Norway Spruce trees in front yard;

investigate extant garage (?);

build pit toilet and/or install well with hand pump for duration of construction phase (?);

install wood burning stove for heat (?);

solar panels for hot water heater (?);

fix stairs to basement;

fix cement porch stairs


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