Snow, snow, snow

The Detroit area has set new records for snowfall in the month of January; well over 30 inches have fallen, breaking the previous record of 29 inches set in 1978. So it’s true that we haven’t had a such a snowy winter since ‘our childhoods’ — beautiful, peaceful, and lonesome. Just slow down and enjoy it, go for a walk in it, let it hit your face and really feel the cold. Spring will come soon enough, followed by the glory of Michigan summer.


Today, another very snow day, I waited for the Smart bus for over an hour (to go to GED tutoring in Detroit);


it never showed, so I spent the day in the Bloomfield Township Public Library — a very special place that is testimony to public-private collaboration– it’s the only library of its kind — solely funded by Township residents, who faithfully year after year, pay for its immense collection, its full-time credentialed librarians, and its elegant interior. Sophisticated yet grounded in its original design, the library is a cozy yet modern venue for reading, research, writing, and study, especially on a snowy day.


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