The mean streets of West Bloomfield

The mean streets of West Bloomfield, or rather, the tough trails of the premier ex-urb of Metro Detroit, are stubborn about their glue to nature, their environmental message.


You can’t take the wetlands out of  this Oakland County  hub. Today I walked the 8 miles from Bloomfield Township to Union Lake in the WB, along the roads that now carry way too many motorists in their aggressive ‘get-there-as-quickly-as-possible’ ethos. Back to walking is weird — 100 years ago, it was the one way you could transport yourself, sans horse or motor carriage or train — YOU had to get YOU where YOU wanted to go. People read and love so-called Victorian novels by the Brontes and don’t realize that they were walking all over the English moors to get to town or vicarage or estate. Walking is the natural order of bipedal homo sapiens.

Now cars rule our lives, and people are fat and anxious. My walk today was highlighted by stopping at Orchard Lake St. Mary’s — where I was a seminary student in 2011– LOVE this place. Pope JPII visited here back in the day. Polish is the first language. Special mission in a unique location

0117141107West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Twp. — these are essentially rural areas with a lot of houses in which you never see the people who live in them — it’s a sad interiority that does not reflect the beauty of this place — so much water, water, water, as James Dickey would say in ‘Lifeguard.’

winter lake

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