Movie dudes

This is not the kind of movie I’m  making over at Kickstarter (trying for an old-school Michael Moore ‘Roger and Me’ low/no budget documentary), but some young-ins have made a movie-movie called ‘The 10th’ — synopsis: ‘bildungsroman’ of African-American family from the D who seek riches, better public school education, and lifestyle succor in Birmingham. . . that’s suburban D, not the tidy, green city in ‘Sweet Home’ (Alabama.)  Huh?

Take it, it’s yours. Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield — y’all want these yawning blah boring dull non-places north of Woodward, you can have ‘um. Me and my kind, we’re moving back to where we wuz from. The Boulevard, Providence Hospital, ground zero-give-up and all that.

But if you’d like to check it out, it’s at Main Art Theater in Royal Oak.

(I used to run past the place every morning at dawn, back we lived at 11 mile and Potter Street; could get a copy of the Metro Times there every Wednesday).

0115141448The 10th  Main Art Theater, 118 N. Main @ 11 Mile, Royal Oak, 9:30 pm Thurs. Jan. 2, 2014   tickets $10

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